Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump’s First 100 Days

Donald Trump, in his first 100 days as president would do many great things for our nation. He would immediately sign an executive order banning muslims from outside our country from entering the United States. He would follow up by calling other countries such as China to advise them that if they do not stop manipulating currency and taking advantage of the United States, we would retaliate by imposing a 25 percent tariff on products imported from China. If they do not follow through, he will propose legislation to the United States Congress requesting that the 25 percent tariff be made law. This would inevitably cause the markets in China’s economy to slow dramatically enough to bring them to the negotiating table. Odds are, they will cease the currency manipulation in order to continue doing business with the United States.

I also predict within the first 100 days he will begin negotiations with Mexico to build the wall along our southern boarder. He will tax the remittance payments from Mexico, which amount to a total of $24.8 billion dollars. Taxing this revenue could in part pay for the wall. He has also argued for restructuring NAFTA to force Mexico to pay for the wall, and he could also put a temporary tariff on Mexican products entering our country. These things combined would mean the wall would be built and paid for within a relatively short amount of time, no big deal.

Third, he will appoint a Supreme Court Justice like Raymond Gruender, a judge appointed in 2003 by President George W. Bush who will uphold the rights of the unborn and shoot down liberal crackpot judicial rulings. He will not appoint a Sotomayor or a Kagan, which is some of what you hear from those who are opposed to a Trump presidency from within the party. He may not pick Gruender, but he will pick someone with the same judicial philosophy. Trump will not appoint his sister, as that would be perceived as corrupt. He is likely to nominate someone as conservative or more conservative than Scalia.

Fourth, he will defund planned parenthood, using the veto pen if necessary. Planned Parenthood is a terrible organization which has performed 300,000 abortions per year in this country, according to the Heritage Foundation. Mr Trump has given them credit for some services they may provide, but he seems to understand that there are many other women’s health centers the funding could go to to provide mammograms and pre-pregnancy birth control, and he will redirect these funds away from Planned Parenthood and put them into those organizations that do not practice and authorize abortion.

And fifth, and possibly the biggest one of all: He will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. He has advocated medical liability reform, as well as abolishing insurance company monopolies in given states, therefore allowing nationwide competition. On this issue, he is a bit different from most Republicans – I believe he will keep a portion of the medicaid expansion to cover those who otherwise would be UNINSURABLE. Understanding that insurance by nature is to cover generally healthy people who are unlikely to need coverage vs the medical necessity of those with disabling conditions who otherwise would be excluded from healthcare “insurance.” There will likely be a board to determine if someone is capable of getting insurance on the open market without being deemed “uninsurable.” This is necessary, because in order to repeal and replace Obamacare, Republicans must offer a viable option to ensure coverage to the most vulnerable who fall in the income gap, or we will be accused of being heartless again.

Seventh, he will protect our gun rights which are under continued assault by the left and those who wish to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. I believe he will propose and get passed National Concealed Carry, which would abolish most of the nutty far-left gun laws that exist in some of these states that are run by liberals. While he used to be in favor of gun control, he has since evolved on the issue, with members of his family registered members of the National Rifle Association (NRA.)He will also appoint Supreme Court justices who will uphold the Heller decision.

Eighth, he will roll back some of the disastrous rules made by this administration imposed on the coal industry. He understands this bureaucracy is out of control and out of touch. He may or may not be able to get rid of the EPA entirely due to its entrenched status in Washington D.C. But at a minimum, he can drastically scale it back and allow businesses and coal miners to continue to make a living while breathing a sigh of relief.

Mr. Trump will have a lot on his plate when he takes office, but he will do these things within his first 100 days. There is a lot of damage he will have to undo that was inflicted upon this nation by President Obama. If we want to turn this country around, there is only one choice, and that is Donald J. Trump.

Why Donald Trump MUST Be Nominated

Why Donald Trump MUST Be Nominated

Dear voters, I know you all have individual opinions about who should be nominated. Right now, we have only one real choice: We must nominate Donald J. Trump for the presidency. This is a moral imperative if nothing else. Ted Cruz has run an honorable campaign, he has spoken about the conservative agenda in ways that have excited many voters, however he lacks the mandate from the electorate. More states have gone to Trump (21) than Cruz (11) and weather or not he won a majority in any of these states is a mute point because NO one won a majority in any state, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz in a few small caucus states.

Trump has also won more popular votes than any other candidate, and voters believe their voices should be heard. The arguement that Trump has only received 37 percent of the vote and therefore everyone else was voting against him doesn’t fly either, because in any of these states the Kasich, Rubio, Bush, Carson, Christie, and Fiorina votes didn’t go to Cruz either. None of these candidates have won a “majority”. It’s almost impossible for any candidate to win a majority of the delegates in a field of 17 candidates. The standard isn’t fair, and voters agree, according to a new NBC News poll, over 60 percent of voters believe the person who has won the most votes going into a convention should be nominated. That’s because most voters believe in a democracy, weather we live in a constitutional republic or not. Voters want their voices heard. That’s probably why 45 percent of voters in this same poll believe it would be acceptable for Trump to run as a third party, as 47 percent do not. If we potentially lose 45 percent of our party, it could be fatal. When perception is matched against the “rules,” the perception will always defeat the “rules.”

But what about the delegates? Don’t they decide the nominee? Technically, yes, they do and they have for many many years. But in the age of the 24/7 media and the primary and caucus system influencing perception, its difficult politically not to give the nomination to someone who has won more votes, more states and more delegates. I’ve heard many Cruz supporters argue that it’s entirely up to the delegates, and they are 100 percent correct. It’s also up to voters in November, and if they choose not to turn out for our nominee, we will lose to Hillary Clinton. We cannot allow the perception of a rigged political process to take hold. In today’s America, voters demand their say, weather they technically have a right to it or not.

Where do we go from here? That’s a good question. I think we must put our emotions aside and focus on what’s really important here, as I discussed in my previous article. The #NeverTrump crowd needs to think about what they have fought for over the last several decades AND what they fought against. Most conservatives didn’t fight against Donald Trump in the 90s, but they did fight the Clintons. They fought Hillary when she tried to install universal healthcare, they fought for justice when agents were fired from the travel office. They fought against the Clintons when Bill Clinton vetoed welfare reform, until he signed it. I don’t remember a lot of conservatives fighting against Donald Trump in the 90s, because Donald Trump said at the 1988 convention that he was a Republican… that’s right…all the way back to 1988.

Ted Cruz is a smart man, with a great political future. As Donald Trump’s vice president he would be in good position to run in the year 2024, after serving two consecutive terms as Trump’s right hand man. As a original voter for Ted Cruz, having lived in Texas in 2012 and voted for him in both the primary and general elections, I know Ted Cruz is a man of integrity, and I look forward to him supporting this party and becoming president in the future.

The Conservative Solution in 2016

The Conservative Solution in 2016

We’re headed for a massive electoral defeat this November. That’s the analysis of the media pundits and many of the conservative activists on both sides of the debate over who should be the nominee. The reason? Voters want their chosen candidate and want to screw the other major contender out of the nomination. Trump voters think Cruz is a scumbag who is abusing the rules process and gaming the system to get delegates he doesn’t deserve; likewise Cruz voters believe Trump is a fraud, a fake conservative who should not be nominated under any circumstance. To them, he is a bully, a demagogue, a scam artist and someone who has teamed up with the Clinton machine to defeat conservatism and define the party for decades.

This is poisonous

Both Cruz and Trump love this nation. No one should be publishing this kind of garbage on Facebook and twitter, putting up signs and posters demonizing the other candidate. Both Trump voters and Cruz voters need to take a MAJOR chill-pill and realize what’s really at stake here: Do we really want a Hillary Clinton presidency? The same Hillary Clinton who will use the judiciary to undermine our freedom of speech, our gun rights, our privacy rights, states rights, and not to mention every other right in the constitution. Are we willing, as a party, to give up every single thing we hold dear because we hate each other so much? It’s the heat of an election cycle, and I get it that people are very very passionate. So let’s translate that passion into a positive energy.

The only solution is a Trump-Cruz ticket. This would unite our party like nothing else. Everyone would get what they want, at least in part, and it would result in a majority of the party uniting behind the Republican ticket in November. We cannot win this election if 63% of Trump supporters are willing to vote for him as a third party option and 2/3 of non-Trump supporters are willing to vote third party if he is the nominee. We as supporters of either Trump or Cruz cannot and do not control what our candidates do. We control what we say and do online. We are responsible for our own actions, not those of anyone else. To both the Cruz and the Trump fans: I respect you both. You both love this country. I do too. I don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency because it has the potential to destroy this country. We, as conservatives are family.

If we don’t win in November, we all hold responsibility in equal proportion. No one is innocent, we all participated in the savaging of each other, doing everything we could do to alienate the other faction of our party, pissing each other off daily with our vitriol. I have tried myself to stay out of this mess to whatever degree I could. But I have fallen short at times, and that’s something I deeply regret. It didn’t build the party or contribute anything positive.

The healing begins with you and I, and I hope you’ll join me in making an effort to heal this party and win a huge victory this November. Let’s prove the pundits wrong.

Bill Ackman and Cronies Work to Take Herbalife Down

Bill Ackman and Cronies Work to Take Herbalife Down

bill ackmanBill Ackman, in a ruthless campaign to discredit and destroy Herbalife, a profitable supplement company, has enlisted the help of politicians as well as political advocacy organizations such as the Hispanic Foundation and LULAC. He and his hedge-fund company placed a $1 billion short sale on the company, which means such a bet would only pay off if Herbalife were to fail. He claims he is doing this to defend Hispanics and African Americans against the practices of Herbalife, who relies on both sales and a strong network of salesmen to market their product.

The devious effort started with his lobbying of Representative Linda Sanchez, who wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission explaining she was writing to “express her concern about the marketing and business practices of Herbalife” saying in the letter that she believes that Herbalife could be taking advantage of those most vulnerable, namely minorities. What’s wrong with that? Apart from the fact that she was extensively lobbied by Bill Ackman and she only expressed concern subsequently to his lobbying. It was also reported by the New York Times that he was given advance notice of the letter, which he showcased to his fellow hedge-fund managers at a gathering, showing an apparent conflict of interest.

Bill Ackman didn’t stop there. He hired Global Strategy Group, who coordinated with many activists across the country to drum-up opposition through a coordinated campaign between Pershing Square Management, Mr. Ackman’s hedge-fund company, and the activists. They have sent letters to representatives and regulatory officials that appear to be almost duplicate in nature. They each made reference to “a complex pyramid scheme,” but didn’t reference any specific instance or individual who had been scammed by the company.

Bill Ackman has used his political clout to organize protests against Herbalife, in addition to the letter-writing campaign. Herbalife has denied any wrongdoing and has claimed this is the work of a desperate Bill Ackman, who seeks to make a huge return on his investment.

What remains to be seen is if there will be any serious inquiries by Attorney General’s across the country. Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Mesto, in a response to the letter-writing campaign, says there will be no action taken against Herbalife at this time: “We are not going to move forward unless we have victims,” the New York Times reported.

So why is no one coming forward? They are undocumented, says Pershing Square Management. Their response? Have Global Strategies pay organizations to locate those who claim to be victims of Herbalife, compensating the Hispanic Foundation $130,000, according to the New York Times article. Paying victims for their claims is not new. Pershing Square Management has good company with the National Inquirer, who pays their sources.

Associates of Ackman earned scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the justice department for claims regarding Herbalife. The FBI is also investigating weather or not those hired by Ackman made false statements in order to manipulate the stock price of Herbalife. There have been no direct charges in the case against Ackman, but some of his associates in the Anti-Herbalife campaign are being inundated with document requests.

It is unclear where Bill Ackman will go from here. Despite all of his efforts, it appears he is failing. The company still stands strong, with a $4.5 billion dollar profit in 2015. With an FBI investigation, major questions remain about his credibility, his motivations and integrity, and his potential criminality.