Why Donald Trump MUST Be Nominated

Why Donald Trump MUST Be Nominated

Dear voters, I know you all have individual opinions about who should be nominated. Right now, we have only one real choice: We must nominate Donald J. Trump for the presidency. This is a moral imperative if nothing else. Ted Cruz has run an honorable campaign, he has spoken about the conservative agenda in ways that have excited many voters, however he lacks the mandate from the electorate. More states have gone to Trump (21) than Cruz (11) and weather or not he won a majority in any of these states is a mute point because NO one won a majority in any state, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz in a few small caucus states.

Trump has also won more popular votes than any other candidate, and voters believe their voices should be heard. The arguement that Trump has only received 37 percent of the vote and therefore everyone else was voting against him doesn’t fly either, because in any of these states the Kasich, Rubio, Bush, Carson, Christie, and Fiorina votes didn’t go to Cruz either. None of these candidates have won a “majority”. It’s almost impossible for any candidate to win a majority of the delegates in a field of 17 candidates. The standard isn’t fair, and voters agree, according to a new NBC News poll, over 60 percent of voters believe the person who has won the most votes going into a convention should be nominated. That’s because most voters believe in a democracy, weather we live in a constitutional republic or not. Voters want their voices heard. That’s probably why 45 percent of voters in this same poll believe it would be acceptable for Trump to run as a third party, as 47 percent do not. If we potentially lose 45 percent of our party, it could be fatal. When perception is matched against the “rules,” the perception will always defeat the “rules.”

But what about the delegates? Don’t they decide the nominee? Technically, yes, they do and they have for many many years. But in the age of the 24/7 media and the primary and caucus system influencing perception, its difficult politically not to give the nomination to someone who has won more votes, more states and more delegates. I’ve heard many Cruz supporters argue that it’s entirely up to the delegates, and they are 100 percent correct. It’s also up to voters in November, and if they choose not to turn out for our nominee, we will lose to Hillary Clinton. We cannot allow the perception of a rigged political process to take hold. In today’s America, voters demand their say, weather they technically have a right to it or not.

Where do we go from here? That’s a good question. I think we must put our emotions aside and focus on what’s really important here, as I discussed in my previous article. The #NeverTrump crowd needs to think about what they have fought for over the last several decades AND what they fought against. Most conservatives didn’t fight against Donald Trump in the 90s, but they did fight the Clintons. They fought Hillary when she tried to install universal healthcare, they fought for justice when agents were fired from the travel office. They fought against the Clintons when Bill Clinton vetoed welfare reform, until he signed it. I don’t remember a lot of conservatives fighting against Donald Trump in the 90s, because Donald Trump said at the 1988 convention that he was a Republican… that’s right…all the way back to 1988.

Ted Cruz is a smart man, with a great political future. As Donald Trump’s vice president he would be in good position to run in the year 2024, after serving two consecutive terms as Trump’s right hand man. As a original voter for Ted Cruz, having lived in Texas in 2012 and voted for him in both the primary and general elections, I know Ted Cruz is a man of integrity, and I look forward to him supporting this party and becoming president in the future.

The Conservative Solution in 2016

The Conservative Solution in 2016

We’re headed for a massive electoral defeat this November. That’s the analysis of the media pundits and many of the conservative activists on both sides of the debate over who should be the nominee. The reason? Voters want their chosen candidate and want to screw the other major contender out of the nomination. Trump voters think Cruz is a scumbag who is abusing the rules process and gaming the system to get delegates he doesn’t deserve; likewise Cruz voters believe Trump is a fraud, a fake conservative who should not be nominated under any circumstance. To them, he is a bully, a demagogue, a scam artist and someone who has teamed up with the Clinton machine to defeat conservatism and define the party for decades.

This is poisonous

Both Cruz and Trump love this nation. No one should be publishing this kind of garbage on Facebook and twitter, putting up signs and posters demonizing the other candidate. Both Trump voters and Cruz voters need to take a MAJOR chill-pill and realize what’s really at stake here: Do we really want a Hillary Clinton presidency? The same Hillary Clinton who will use the judiciary to undermine our freedom of speech, our gun rights, our privacy rights, states rights, and not to mention every other right in the constitution. Are we willing, as a party, to give up every single thing we hold dear because we hate each other so much? It’s the heat of an election cycle, and I get it that people are very very passionate. So let’s translate that passion into a positive energy.

The only solution is a Trump-Cruz ticket. This would unite our party like nothing else. Everyone would get what they want, at least in part, and it would result in a majority of the party uniting behind the Republican ticket in November. We cannot win this election if 63% of Trump supporters are willing to vote for him as a third party option and 2/3 of non-Trump supporters are willing to vote third party if he is the nominee. We as supporters of either Trump or Cruz cannot and do not control what our candidates do. We control what we say and do online. We are responsible for our own actions, not those of anyone else. To both the Cruz and the Trump fans: I respect you both. You both love this country. I do too. I don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency because it has the potential to destroy this country. We, as conservatives are family.

If we don’t win in November, we all hold responsibility in equal proportion. No one is innocent, we all participated in the savaging of each other, doing everything we could do to alienate the other faction of our party, pissing each other off daily with our vitriol. I have tried myself to stay out of this mess to whatever degree I could. But I have fallen short at times, and that’s something I deeply regret. It didn’t build the party or contribute anything positive.

The healing begins with you and I, and I hope you’ll join me in making an effort to heal this party and win a huge victory this November. Let’s prove the pundits wrong.

Calling Out Stephanie Cegielski

Calling Out Stephanie Cegielski

Stephanie Cegielski, who is a former political strategist for Public Relations Society Of America recently wrote an open letter urging Donald Trump’s most solid supporters to abandon their support of the real-estate mogul. Writing in the xojane publication, she says this:

My support for Trump began probably like yours did. Similar to so many other Americans, I was tired of the rhetoric in Washington. Negativity and stubbornness were at an all-time high, and the presidential prospects didn’t look promising”

Stop there. You’ve worked for a consultant-based organization for much of your adult life, and you have the audacity to think your in any way similar to other Americans working in the private sector or who don’t have a job at all? You represent Washington D.C. Nothing else. You represent the consultant class, you represent the lobbyists and big donors who would’ve donated to the Political Action Committee, had Mr. Trump wanted to take funds from your cronies.

In her letter, she further opines: “He certainly was never prepared or equipped to go all the way to the White House, but his ego has now taken over the driver’s seat, and nothing else matters. The Donald does not fail. The Donald does not have any weakness. The Donald is his own biggest enemy”.

Hold the phone.

Your saying that YOU believe he was never prepared or equipped to go all the way to the White House. Maybe he didn’t think he would make it this far because of the political norms that usually bog down a candidate like himself. He’s not a senator, a governor, a US Representative, he’s not a Secretary of State or any other officeholder. He’s a businessman, hes made it in the real world, consultants who have made everything they have advocating for issues for which they receive a fee. There is an ego issue here, but its not Trump’s ego that I would question, it is yours. Who the hell are you to question his ego? Look at you, thinking you’ll pass judgment on a man who has led a very important political movement in rejecting the status quo, saying no to the establishment. We have stood with Trump as he was assaulted by $18 million dollars in Florida, and millions more in Illinois and Ohio. We’re not about to listen to you while you bow down to peer pressure from those inside the consultant racket. We know and understand the pressure you face from your peers in regard to Mr. Trump, with many so-called activists threatening to “blacklist

Let’s go on, Stephanie and lets see if you make a relevant point here:

Superhero powers where “I alone can solve” problems are not real. They do not exist for Batman, for Superman, for Wrestlemania and definitely not for Donald Trump”

You clearly misunderstand his statement. When he says on his twitter feed “I alone can solve!” he’s saying no other contender in the race for the White House, on either the Republican or Democratic side of the isle has the skills and the leadership to solve these issues. Donald Trump does. He’s demonstrated this ability throughout his business career, leading, building magnificent towers and other business ventures. We must roundly defeat ISIS, using overwhelming force, and Donald Trump is by far the best candidate equipped to do this. It takes a brain, not a dumb-ass nitwit political consultant who thinks her opinion is golden when it is really trash. And no, I’m not attacking you as a woman, I’m attacking you as a complete and utter moron who doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

More nonsense from Stephanie:

What was once Trump’s desire to rank second place to send a message to America and to increase his power as a businessman has nightmarishly morphed into a charade that is poised to do irreparable damage to this country if we do not stop this campaign in its tracks”

Wrong again, Stephanie, just dead wrong.

He desires to win. Donald Trump has never gotten into any race for second place. He has always loathed losing. He see loss as a reflection of ability and capability. From his perspective, second place would be a reflection on him as a brand. Most intelligent people understand this, I can understand why you don’t. At a personal net worth of anywhere from four to ten billion dollars, does he really need to increase his power as a businessman? That doesn’t fly either. Let us remember who and what his campaign is set to destroy. It’s not the country, but rather your empire. You wont find as much consulting work as you once did should he become president. That’s because you will have been proven to be as useless as you were when you ran your pro-Trump superpac.

Stephanie, we all have dealt with individuals such as yourself. Those that were once loyal to us as friends, family, and associates. We have all been stabbed in the back at one point or another, and you represent that character we see all around us on a daily basis. You used Mr. Trump to raise your own profile so that you could get more gigs after electing him president. You saw him as your way to get up the ladder. Perhaps a position in the White House? Maybe future Republican presidential or congressional campaigns. You tacked on to this movement when it was politically convenient for you to do so, and abandoned him because to him, you were useless and unnecessary.

What you have done is nothing short of political treason, for your own selfish benefit. Most people can see that.

How Donald Trump might be politically rehabilitated

How Donald Trump might be politically rehabilitated

Donald Trump needs to change his ways or he will lose to Hillary

Donald Trump needs to change his ways or he will lose to Hillary

It is clear right now that Donald Trump has almost no chance of beating Hillary in the general election if he wins the GOP nomination in Cleveland this summer. He has taken all the Republican presidential candidates for a game of limbo where the candidate that sets the bar the absolute lowest wins the nomination, and comes out the winner that is so politically destroyed that he will have almost no chance of beating Hillary in November. The latest polling data makes clear that Trump will definitely lose in the Fall if he is not politically rehabilitated, assuming that is even possible.

Trump must, to have any chance in November, must immediately start working on improving his numbers and making Hillary’s polling numbers much worse than they are. Attacking Ted Cruz and John Kasich will only continue to degrade the Republican Party and increase Hillary’s odds of winning the presidency. Unless that’s what he really wants, and is the real reason for him being in this race, he needs to prove otherwise starting as of yesterday, if not sooner.

Trump needs to change gears immediately and stop the attacks on other Republicans and start taking Hillary to task. Illustrate all the ways Hillary is not qualified to be president, including the e-mail scandal, her failed record as Secretary of State, he do-nothing record serving eight years as a Senator, and massive pile of scandals and wrong-doing involved with the Clinton Foundation. Totally exposing Hillary should drive down her favorable ratings, drive her unfavorable ratings much higher, and quickly most voters who aren’t the most dyed-in-the-wool hard-core Democrats should realize Hillary can not be president.

The Donald himself, while not only stopping his attacks on Ted Cruz, should realize his ticket to being assured of winning the GOP nomination, united the party, and making sure GOP leaders don’t pull some dirty tricks to deny him the nomination is to beg Ted Cruz to become his running-mate for vice president. And yes I wrote, BEG Ted Cruz to join the ticket. Every time he says “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” he increases the odds that Cruz will work with the others to deny Trump the nomination in a contested or brokered convention. Ted Cruz holds the cards to either help Trump win the nomination or to be denied the nomination, and Trump needs to wake up and realize that reality as soon as possible.

The Donald also needs to reach out to the rest of the GOP base and convince them he’s really a conservative, and quit the sniveling mocking he does of anyone that says he’s not, when he takes on that snide voice and says “they say I’m not a real conservative.” Drop the attitude, Donald, it doesn’t work. Show us some substance on issues. Put out a list of real constitutional conservatives that you would appoint to Supreme Court vacancies to show us you get it. Don’t just tell us you’re Pro-Life, show us by giving us details on how you become Pro-Life while at the same time showing us you truly understand the issue. Talk isn’t enough. Calling yourself conservative, given your record of liberal positions on just about all the major issues, doesn’t cut it.

Then Trump needs to address his weakness with women, minorities, and younger voters. First, he needs to stop making the obnoxious comments that have got him in trouble with these various voter groups. Quit attacking Megyn Kelly, that just looks really weird and obsessive, and quit making rude comments where they are not needed. And then, on top of that, since an economic recovery and creating real jobs are the highest priority of all those voting groups, The Donald needs to communicate to us a real plan to bring about an economic recovery. Not platitudes that lack substance, but a real plan. A slogan is only a start, it’s not a plan.

Right now The Donald has favorable ratings in the low 30s in the polls, and unfavorable ratings well into the 60, as high as 68 percent in one poll. No general election candidate can win a two-way race as the Democratic or Republican nominee with those kinds of unfavorable numbers. If Donald Trump can’t get his unfavorable rating to at least 50 percent or low, with a favorable ratings of at least 45 percent by the time the convention opens in Cleveland, then it will be clear that he can’t beat Hillary. And in that instance, GOP leaders will have every right, and good reason, to Bork his nomination and put up a Republican candidate who can win in the fall.

Quit the whining, Donald, and do what you have to do, to be politically rehabilitated. Quit whining about having to get 1237 delegates to win the nomination, that is the rules of the process for all candidates equally. Otherwise, step aside and let the convention nominate someone who can beat Hillary. Unless that is, your goal is to get Hillary elected. If that is the case, then continue to destroy the GOP by attacking the other candidates, and insist on being the nominee regardless of whether you win at least 1237 delegates, and then lose to Hillary in November. The proof will be in the results.

Kasich Win in Ohio is Good News for Trump’s Campaign

Kasich Win in Ohio is Good News for Trump’s Campaign

Kasich winning Ohio helps Donald Trump win the GOP nomination

Kasich winning Ohio helps Donald Trump win the GOP nomination

With John Kasich’s win in Ohio, the #NeverTrump movement is feeling jubilant They believe this is their ticket to a contested convention, having deprived Donald J. Trump of winning the state’s 66 delegates. They believe they will deny Trump the nomination and instead nominate someone in Cleveland more acceptable to the GOP establishment. There is just one problem with this plan: the 2016 contest, at this time, remains a three man race. By winning Ohio, Kasich has stayed in the contest, enabling him to win votes in many of the upcoming states that might otherwise be won by Ted Cruz in a two-way head-to-head race between Trump and the Texas Senator.

If Trump can consolidate a little more than one third of the Republican primary electorate, he can continue to dominate in the states ahead, arguably winning Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Arizona, and Connecticut If Kasich were to suspend his campaign, it could further unite the anti-Trump vote and Ted Cruz might have a better shot at winning some of these states, which would not be good news for Trump. That is highly unlikely to occur at this juncture.

One thing that is true about this campaign is there seems to be a solid block of anti-Trump voters, and most national polls indicate its more than 50 percent. A recent ABC News poll said if the race were between just Cruz and Trump, Cruz would lead 54 percent to 41 percent. He achieves higher marks on honesty and trustworthiness, and he believes ultimately he can bring the party together more effectively than Donald Trump. This remains to be seen, however and I would caution everyone before making such a judgment about Trump’s viability.

What does all this mean? Trump seems to have made lots of enemies in this political process, but don’t we come to expect that in modern American politics? If you look at the 2008 Democratic primary contest you see lots of Hillary supporters claiming they wouldn’t support Obama’s candidacy if he won the nomination. By all accounts, Democrats ultimately united to support Barack Obama as their nominee. Likewise, the GOP contest this year is at least as divisive and hostile with so many supporters of Trump and the other candidates saying they will refuse to support one of the other GOP candidates. But as it becomes more clear that Trump will be our nominee, most GOP voters will unite behind him as Democrats did for Obama in 2008. With Kasich remaining in the race, he might well divide the anti-Trump vote and help Trump win enough delegates to reach the magic number of 1237 in Cleveland.

Arizona results get Trump one step closer to the nomination

Arizona results get Trump one step closer to the nomination

Donald Trump is the likely GOP nominee

Donald Trump is the likely GOP nominee

Voters cast ballots in Arizona and Utah tonight and already it is clear that Donald Trump will win almost half the votes in Arizona and all 58 delegates available in that state. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton is giving one of the most shrill speeches I have ever heard her give. It just reminds us how important it is that we on the GOP side unite behind a nominee and unite the party to beat Hillary in November. If two or three extreme moonbats on the Supreme Court appointed by Hillary, four years more of the most ignorant economic policy imagineable and more of the failed Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton foreign policy isn’t bad enough damage to do to the country, listening to four years of speeches from Shrillary will be enough to cause the country to run out of ibuprofen!

With tonights results as they stand, and Trump leading over Ted Cruz by about 300 delegates and moving closer to the magic number of 1237, it is clear that Trump is the likely nominee at this point. As he comes closer to that magic number, Republicans should be moving closer to uniting behind Trump as the nominee, and I hope Trump himself will likewise reach out to supporters of Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio to united the GOP. The Donald will have 738 delegates with the 58 from Arizona, and he may win a few more in Utah unless Cruz finishes high enough there to win all the delegates from that state.

As many of you who regularly read on Real Clear Politics, they have a Republican delegate simulator that I used again tonight, and with the results of Arizona and Utah from tonight, and what I think is a reasonable prediction of the results of the remaining states, I got what appears to be likely results. Donald Trump finished with 1242 delegates, just 5 more than needed, while Ted Cruz finished with 834 and both Rubio and Kasich just over 150 each. If this is how the process turns out, and at least 1237 of those delegates actually vote for Trump on the first ballot in Cleveland, than The Donald will actually be the GOP nominee for president this year.

After tonight, Trump will be fewer than 500 delegates away winning the needed 1237, with a few less than 1000 left to be won in the remaining states. While he may not have won an absolute majority of all the votes cast so far, Trump is easily leading in the delegates and will likely be around 45 percent of all votes cast in primaries and caucuses when all the votes for the nomination are cast and counted. At this point it seems quite likely we will be uniting behind Trump as our nominee to defeat Hillary in November.