Have Americans Learned the Lesson of Eight Years of Obama?

Have Americans Learned the Lesson of Eight Years of Obama?

Have Americans learned from eight years of Obama?

Have Americans learned from eight years of Obama?

Forget about #NeverTrump for this election cycle, the relevant hashtags are #NeverHillary and #NeverDemocrats. It can’t be any more clear to any voter with half a brain that we should not be elected Crooked Hillary as president, and after eight years of the worst president in the history of the country, Barack Obama, we should never, ever, never, ever elect another liberal Democrat as president again. But have the American people really learned this lesson? There are many reasons to have doubt.

The polls shows that Hillary Clinton has a chance to win this year’s presidential election against Republican nominee Donald Trump. But how can Hillary even be in this race, given her own background of corruption and dishonesty, and her affiliation with the Obama Administration, and coming immediately after the last almost eight years of this disastrous Obama presidency?

Given that just over half the country voted for Barack Obama as president in the last two elections, and they might well do it again if Obama wasn’t Constitutionally barred from seeking a third term, it has to be concluded that tens of millions of Americans don’t realize what a mistake they made in voting for Obama in the last two elections. The polls that show Obama’s approval rating no lower than the high 40s in percentages show that tens of millions of Americans don’t realize how much of a profound mistake it was to elect Obama twice as president, and just how much damage his policies have done to our country.

It is important that Americans understand, because many think they do and actually do not, and truly understand just exactly what Barack Obama is about and how he has come to be inspired to pursue the Anti-American policies he has pursued for two terms as president. While there are many books and videos on the subject, the best book to read is Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage as well as the movie he made about Obama, titled 2016: Obama’s America. If everyone read that book and watched that movie with an open mind, they would truly understand what Barack Obama is truly all about.

Obama is clearly the worst president in the history of the country, and in many ways, electing Hillary Clinton (who has been a disciple of Saul Alinsky just like Barack Obama) would be a third term of Obama. Hillary as president would continue the hard line march to the far left that Obama pushed forward on steroids during his two terms as president. The failed, big government, excessively regulating policies that have thwarted the economy from recovering from the recession under Obama, would be continued under Hillary Clinton as president.

The lesson should be clear, we need real change, and it will not change under Crooked Hillary. If we want a true recovery from the recession, if we want a foreign policy based on American interests and not one of nation building, siding with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, and engaging in more failed international meals-on-wheels missions that involve spreading our military resources thinner around the world on a smaller defense department budget, we need to elect Donald Trump our next president. If we want to rebuild the military, protect and defend our country, and respect our law enforcement officers, Hillary can not be the next president. Have we really learned the lesson of letting the far left under Obama run this country for the last two presidential terms? The elections results this November will answer that question.

Electoral Map Reveals Serious Problems for Donald Trump

Electoral Map Reveals Serious Problems for Donald Trump

Electoral map shows Hillary leading in the presidential race

Electoral map shows Hillary leading in the presidential race

North Carolina alone illustrates the challenge for the Trump campaign, a state that Barack Obama won in 2008 and Mitt Romney barely won in 2012, it’s a must win to get elected this year. The latest CBS News/YouGov poll in the state shows Hillary Clinton leading by two percent, 44 to 42 percent, over The Donald. The newest PPP survey of North Carolina has Trump leading 48 to 46 percent. Trump should have an edge in North Carolina, but right now it is a toss-up.

The neighboring state of Virginia is more solidly leaning in favor of Clinton, who has a 4 percent lead in the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls. Virginia voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012 and looks likely to be in the Clinton column this year.

The state of Florida, which was won by Obama in the last two elections, also looks favorable for Hillary, who leads by 3.4 percent in the RCP average and 8 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Four of the five polls of Florida, in the RCP average, show Clinton leading by three percent or more. It is clear, if the election were held today, Florida would be voting for the Democrat nominee for president.

Pennsylvania is truly a toss-up state right now, and that may be good news for Trump, since the state has been won by the Democrats in the last three elections. While Clinton leads by just a half point in the RCP average, Pennsylvania is a state where Trump can win many traditionally Democrat-learning swing voters and win the state in November. If Trump can hold some of the close states that usually lean Republican, such as North Carolina and Indiana, and win some of the “light blue” states like Pennsylvania, he has a chance at beating Hillary in the Electoral College.

New Hampshire has been very closed, and based largely on turnout in the last several elections, but Hillary is holding a rather large 6.5 percent lead in the RCP average. While New Hampshire casts only four electoral votes, those four votes were key for George W. Bush reaching 270 electoral votes in 2000. Odds are, the candidate that wins New Hampshire will win the election, and right now it’s not looking good for Trump in New Hampshire.

Ohio, considered by most a swing state, should be a toss-up right now. But it leans in favor of Hillary by 2.7 percent in the RCP average, which includes a CBS News/YouGov survey showing Clinton leading by five percent, and the last Quinnipiac poll showing them tied at 40 percent each. Ohio is a state that Trump should be able to win, and needs to win, in order to become president. But if attacks ads from Priorities USA against Trump as anywhere near as effective as they were again Mitt Romney in 2012, where they clearly helped Obama in Ohio, Hillary Clinton will win both Ohio and the presidency this coming November.

Michigan is one of the states the Trump campaign supposedly will put into play, despite it having been a “blue” state in most recent elections. But the polling data says otherwise, where the last four polls listed by RCP shows Hillary Clinton leading by an average of more than 10 percent in those four surveys. Michigan is clearly going to be in the Clinton column in November.

Iowa has been close in the last few presidential elections, and this year should be no different. Lacking recent polling data for the state, it only seems reasonable at this point to consider the state a toss-up. The last survey listed by RCP, a PPP poll, show Trump and Clinton tied at 42 percent in Iowa.

While many consider Colorado as becoming a “blue” state, and it has voted Democrat in recent presidential elections, a recent CBS News/YouGov poll show it a toss-up, with Clinton leading by one percent, 40 to 39 percent over Donald Trump. Colorado could be a key pickup for Trump if he can win the state, as it could off-season losing another state elsewhere.

Arizona is closer than it should be, and like North Carolina, illustrates the weakness of the Trump campaign right now. That could change, but the Trump campaign will need to do the changing. Clinton holds a one percent lead in the RCP average for Arizona. That average includes one poll where Trump leads by four percent, one that has Hillary leading by seven percent, and a third older poll showing them tied. Arizona is a must win state for Trump, and if Hillary somehow wins it, it becomes almost impossible for Trump to win this election. The mere notion that Arizona is a toss-up, which it is, shows that Trump has some real challenges in winning this election.

As the map shows, the toss-up states are worth 61 electoral votes, and that includes Arizona and North Carolina (26 electoral votes) that Mitt Romney won in 2012. The fact that any states won by Mitt Romney are in play in this election at this time, shows serious weakness electorally for Donald Trump. The remaining 35 electoral votes (Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Colorado) of the states that are toss-ups were won Obama in the last two elections.

But the real challenge for Trump is the 297 electoral votes in the states that are leaning in favor of Hillary Clinton right now. Even if Trump won all those toss-up states, and holds on to the 180 electoral votes of the states that lean toward him now, he would only win 241 electoral votes, falling short of the needed 270. Trump would have to, at minimum, also win New Hampshire and Florida (33 electoral votes) to have a shot at reaching 270.

The Donald is going to have to spent a lot of time and resources in Florida and New Hampshire while holding on to many of the other close states where Hillary Clinton has a chance. It’s an uphill climb for Trump, but the electoral map looks much better for Clinton right now. But, we have nothing but time between now and November, and a lot can still change.

Donald Trump – the new conservative

Donald Trump – the new conservative

Trump receives NRA endorsement

Trump receives NRA endorsement

As you look through social media, you will see many supporters of Texas Senator Ted Cruz post about conservatism, trying to include or exclude others as being a conservative. What does it mean to be a conservative? Is Ted Cruz a conservative? How about Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin, and Paul Ryan? Who decides who is or is not a conservative, and how do you define it in our modern politics? In much the same way Bill Clinton redefined what it meant to be a Democrat, Donald Trump is reinventing what it means to be a conservative.

In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton arrived on the national scene, riding a platform of welfare reform, promising to “end welfare as we know it.” This was an abandonment of Democratic tradition, in a party that had at one time been hesitant to enact any form of welfare reform. The “new democrats” focused primarily on Southern white Reagan Democrats. The result of the 1980 and 1984 elections prompted Democrats to abandon their prior position on welfare reform and free trade, saying that welfare required work, he sought to change the system. Clinton accomplished this goal, signing the landmark Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996. The law required work to be a contingency of receiving welfare, and it gained bipartisan support in Congress.

Enter the year of 2016, with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. He has proposed the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which President Bill Clinton signed into law. He wants to put a 25 percent tariff on companies who leave the United States to pursue business in countries with cheaper labor. He’s pro life, while allowing certain exceptions such as the life of the mother and for rape and incest. Many conservatives want all or nothing, saying if they can’t have a candidate that is totally in line with everything they believe in, they’ll take their marbles and go home, and this is a toxic path. The goal of a president is to move the ball forward for their cause, and if we can advance our agenda of freedom with a Trump presidency, then we should embrace these changes Donald Trump wants to make to our party. Being free trade doesn’t mean you get ripped off nationally by countries who seek to take advantage of you, nor are you giving in on principle when you make an exception for rape and incest and outlaw abortions in other circumstances.

Although Bill Clinton campaigned as a new kind of Democrat, he put Ruth Bater Guinsburg  on the court as well as Stephen Bryer, who have aligned themselves with the left wing of the judiciary. We’re now sitting on a 4-4 tie between liberals and conservatives, and sometimes Justice Kennedy doesn’t side with conservatives especially as it pertains to a general right to life, although he has upheld some abortion restrictions in the past.. Regardless, if we allow Hillary Clinton to occupy the White House, she will likely not only appoint Supreme Court justices who uphold Roe vs Wade, she will use the court to overturn gun rights, as she has said recently that the Supreme Court is wrong on gun rights.

Hillary Clinton is not a new democrat. She is a Barack Obama democrat, one who isn’t pragmatic, but ideological in every sense of the word. She would make George W. Bush look moderate on foreign policy and make Barack Obama actually seem reasonable on the issue of privacy and the NSA.  Right now, Donald Trump is the only individual standing between freedom and the progressive agenda Hillary embraces. He’s the only person that stands between an ever increasing discrepancy between how other nations treat us on trade and how we treat them. Hillary’s unwillingness to touch NAFTA and reform it, despite her rhetoric in the democratic primary as she fends off Bernie Sanders. She, at her core is a believer in free trade, not a believer in fair trade. She believes trade should have meaningless guidelines and if another country like China wants to rip us off with their currency manipulation, then as free-traders we must sit back, tolerate that and hope for the best. This is not the solution for America. We must take on China, fight them like hell so that we don’t end up paying the price at the end of the day in jobs and economic prosperity.

Donald Trump is a different kind of Republican, one that will have strong appeal to working class voters because his policies will rebuild the middle class that has been decimated by progressive policies. By embracing economic nationalism and focusing on making America great again, Trump has a chance to win states that are normally not in play for traditional Republican nominees. Nothing can stop us as long as we remain united as a party. We can and will defeat Hillary Clinton in November together.

This is Hillary’s doom

This is Hillary’s doom

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Not because of him being an outsider candidate nor due to Hillary’s high unfavorable numbers. The reason he will win is simple: vision. Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Hillary for America” is probably one of the most empty and uninspiring campaign slogans in recent memory. Thump’s campaign exemplifies optimism while hers exemplifies selfish ambition. This plays directly into voter perception of her, which is that she’s a selfish woman willing to do or say anything to get elected. America does not want Hillary.

Maybe Hillary realizes the whole “Hillary for America” thing won’t work. That’s why she’s come up with a new slogan. Make America whole again — ugh. That message is also a dud with voters, because it’s a spin on Make America Great Again. If we’re not whole, then we’re not great. Hillary misses this point entirely when she speaks about that potential slogan. Hillary Clinton lacks the core political aptitude that her husband does, because I guarentee you, he would’ve never used this slogan that plays right into Donald Trump’s hands.

If Hillary hopes to win, she will have to coordinate a message that is more than just anti-Trump. Voters want an inspiring message they can gravitate to. They crave it at the core of their being, and that’s why Barack Obama did so well in the 2008 Democratic primary. Hillary, back then also spun off of Obama’s slogan which was “Change We Can Believe in” and coined her version, in original form, “Change We Can Count On.” Not at all inspirational, and the slogan had the aroma of Astroturf. Change We Can Count On was viewed as desperate and a counterfeit, and that is exactly what Mrs. Clinton’s entire candidacy is, a counterfeit. She won’t improve the economy, she won’t renegotiate NAFTA, and she sure won’t keep us safe from the Islamic State, who seek to destroy us because we as a nation fundamentally believe in freedom.

Hillary Clinton won’t bring back jobs from China and she won’t stop the currency manipulation that has killed many jobs throughout the rustbelt. She, like her husband, favors “Free Trade” and not fair trade, which translates into You get SCREWED! She, like the Islamic State, believes in forcing government down your throat. She wants to choose your healthcare plan, and she wants to take away your right to homeschool your children in the environment that you see fit. She wants to put us over our heads in debts and deficits beyond what can be repayed.

Beyond that, everything else is on the table in regard to the Clintons’ past. I expect in the coming weeks for Monica Lewinsky Jennifer Flowers, and every other woman both the Clinton’s abused in the 1980s and the 1990s. Donald Trump will use this to his benefit, and unlike many Republicans before him, he won’t be stupid in how he does it. Every time you see a Clinton ad or press conference decrying Donald Trump’s supposed sexism, you’re going to see a counter press conference, a counter press release, a counter ad going on offense talking about the Clinton’s attacks on women. This isn’t just about Bill Clinton, it’s also about Hillary and how she not only “stood by her man baking cookies,” but how she also muffled those women in attacks and vicious intimidation tactics. Hillary has lost any and all credibility on women. She can’t claim to be their savior just because she is one.

There are many women who are highly qualified to be president. And no, Mrs. Clinton, I’m not talking about your lack of political experience. I’m talking about what you’ve actually done when you served time in office. Nothing substantive done as First Lady, when you unsuccessfully tried to shove “HillaryCare” down our throats and force many Americans to buy a service they didn’t want and didn’t choose. Your plan was much more intrusive than the Obamacare plan, which is quite remarkable. Your plan would’ve defined valid personal choices as “healthcare fraud” and punished those who went outside their government proscribed plan. That, my dear, is pure communism. We may or may not have moved slightly to the left as a country, but by no means are we communist. We love our freedom. We’re patriots. We want a government that listens to us, not a government that demands we obey their every thuggish order.

With her disastrous campaign message, her lack of ability to inspire, her lust for power, and her desire for control over every aspect of our lives as well as her lack of ability to cause economic growth by reducing taxes and regulation, she has shown her ineptitude to win elections in the past, and I don’t foresee this changing.

Could This Be The End for Ted Cruz?

Could This Be The End for Ted Cruz?

With Donald Trump’s resounding win last night in Pensylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware, Trump captured over 60 percent in four out of five of these races. This signals the end of the Ted Cruz campaign, with him only winning 3 Delaware delegates. He has reached the point where he cannot reach a majority of the delegates on the first ballot, and because of this he must now deny Trump 1237 so he can win on a potential second ballot.

Cruz’s problems are more deep than just his losses last night, a new FOX poll has Trump leading Cruz by eight percentage points in Indiana, a mathematical must-win state for Senator Cruz. Analysts say that if Trump were to win Indiana, it would likely mean that Trump has the nomination at the end of this fight. He currently sits at 954 pledged delegates with Cruz at 562 delegates. There are a total of 502 delegates left outstanding. This count doesn’t include the 39 unbound delegates from Pensylvania who are likely to vote for Mr. Trump on the first ballot due to his resounding win on Tuesday. Only three unbound delegates who promise to vote for Cruz were elected in Pensylvania.

Mr Cruz appeared to have an ace up his sleeve today however when he chose former CEO Carly Fiorina to be his running mate, undoubtedly a play for female Republican primary voters. It’s unclear if this will have any impact in Indiana or anywhere else in the country because Carly Fiorina placed seventh place in both Iowa and New Hampshire before dropping out due to her extrordinarily awful polling numbers. We’re going to have to wait to see what kind of data we get from these states before we know for sure what the impact will be, but if the past is any indicator, it wont do much, and much of the news cycle today has been dedicated to Trump’s resounding win last night and Cruz’s desperation today.

Not only does it seem unlikely that Fiorina will help Cruz, but the move may play to Trump’s benefit. Trump has extensively campaigned as the champion of the middle class. He campaigns on bringing back jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan and anywhere else that has been the beneficiary of outsourcing in this country. Yet Carly Fiorina as CEO of Hewitt-Packard laid off thousands of workers to other countries as the .com boom busted. I expect Donald Trump to hammer this point home in the coming days.as he campaigns in various parts of the country.

Ted Cruz needs to do something he doesn’t appear apt to do: Concede defeat. He has damaged his brand significantly with the selection of Carly Fiorina as his running mate, not only due to her failed presidential campaign but due to her failed business record. We have a nominee of the Republican party, and I call on all Republicans to unite behind Donald J. Trump this november to defeat Hillary Clinton. There isn’t anything we can’t do together.

Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump’s First 100 Days

Donald Trump, in his first 100 days as president would do many great things for our nation. He would immediately sign an executive order banning muslims from outside our country from entering the United States. He would follow up by calling other countries such as China to advise them that if they do not stop manipulating currency and taking advantage of the United States, we would retaliate by imposing a 25 percent tariff on products imported from China. If they do not follow through, he will propose legislation to the United States Congress requesting that the 25 percent tariff be made law. This would inevitably cause the markets in China’s economy to slow dramatically enough to bring them to the negotiating table. Odds are, they will cease the currency manipulation in order to continue doing business with the United States.

I also predict within the first 100 days he will begin negotiations with Mexico to build the wall along our southern boarder. He will tax the remittance payments from Mexico, which amount to a total of $24.8 billion dollars. Taxing this revenue could in part pay for the wall. He has also argued for restructuring NAFTA to force Mexico to pay for the wall, and he could also put a temporary tariff on Mexican products entering our country. These things combined would mean the wall would be built and paid for within a relatively short amount of time, no big deal.

Third, he will appoint a Supreme Court Justice like Raymond Gruender, a judge appointed in 2003 by President George W. Bush who will uphold the rights of the unborn and shoot down liberal crackpot judicial rulings. He will not appoint a Sotomayor or a Kagan, which is some of what you hear from those who are opposed to a Trump presidency from within the party. He may not pick Gruender, but he will pick someone with the same judicial philosophy. Trump will not appoint his sister, as that would be perceived as corrupt. He is likely to nominate someone as conservative or more conservative than Scalia.

Fourth, he will defund planned parenthood, using the veto pen if necessary. Planned Parenthood is a terrible organization which has performed 300,000 abortions per year in this country, according to the Heritage Foundation. Mr Trump has given them credit for some services they may provide, but he seems to understand that there are many other women’s health centers the funding could go to to provide mammograms and pre-pregnancy birth control, and he will redirect these funds away from Planned Parenthood and put them into those organizations that do not practice and authorize abortion.

And fifth, and possibly the biggest one of all: He will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. He has advocated medical liability reform, as well as abolishing insurance company monopolies in given states, therefore allowing nationwide competition. On this issue, he is a bit different from most Republicans – I believe he will keep a portion of the medicaid expansion to cover those who otherwise would be UNINSURABLE. Understanding that insurance by nature is to cover generally healthy people who are unlikely to need coverage vs the medical necessity of those with disabling conditions who otherwise would be excluded from healthcare “insurance.” There will likely be a board to determine if someone is capable of getting insurance on the open market without being deemed “uninsurable.” This is necessary, because in order to repeal and replace Obamacare, Republicans must offer a viable option to ensure coverage to the most vulnerable who fall in the income gap, or we will be accused of being heartless again.

Seventh, he will protect our gun rights which are under continued assault by the left and those who wish to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. I believe he will propose and get passed National Concealed Carry, which would abolish most of the nutty far-left gun laws that exist in some of these states that are run by liberals. While he used to be in favor of gun control, he has since evolved on the issue, with members of his family registered members of the National Rifle Association (NRA.)He will also appoint Supreme Court justices who will uphold the Heller decision.

Eighth, he will roll back some of the disastrous rules made by this administration imposed on the coal industry. He understands this bureaucracy is out of control and out of touch. He may or may not be able to get rid of the EPA entirely due to its entrenched status in Washington D.C. But at a minimum, he can drastically scale it back and allow businesses and coal miners to continue to make a living while breathing a sigh of relief.

Mr. Trump will have a lot on his plate when he takes office, but he will do these things within his first 100 days. There is a lot of damage he will have to undo that was inflicted upon this nation by President Obama. If we want to turn this country around, there is only one choice, and that is Donald J. Trump.