Alt-left calls conservatives white nationalists

Alt-left calls conservatives white nationalists

It’s an old trick of the left to accuse conservatives of being racist, and to play the race card, or even an entire pack of race cards. This used to be more civil years ago, such as on the ill-fated talk show called “Showdown” where the liberal co-host, New York Daily News columnist Richard G. Carter would accuse co-host Morton Downey Jr. of “racialism” for his politically incorrect comments about the left’s racism. Now it’s advanced to another level, conservatives don’t just show their “racialism” or are merely racist anymore. Now the alt-left has resorted to just calling them white nationalists. When the lies and smears go too over the top, even the majority of liberals won’t believe them.

The latest is a spectacle of smear I read today, linked from Real Clear Politics. This was a CNN Opinion article by Ruth Ben-Ghiat titled “Why Steve Bannon’s white nationalism should scare America.” Note the lack of a question mark at the end of that title, or the use of a word like alleged white nationalism, etc. It is stated as fact, as if it’s well known or easily proven, that Steve Bannon espouses white nationalism. Seeing that well-written clickbait title, I had to read it. But I realized before reading it, given the title states as fact that Steve Bannon espouses white nationalism, I would have to look for any evidence in the article for the allegation of white nationalism against Bannon.

There was no evidence whatsoever. Not a shred. Not one iota to use Barack Obama’s favorite word. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Ben-Ghiat made claim of expertise in knowing what white nationalism is, and make a claim that Bannon has been practicing it in his role with Breitbart News. She wrote, “As a historian of fascism, I can tell you that Breitbart has been serving up a textbook-worthy campaign of racist indoctrination. Don’t buy into it further.” As a historian of the alt-left, I can say the likes of Ben-Ghiat have played the race card for ages. She would have more credibility telling us she stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Other than claim of expertise in fascism and translating that to knowledge of racism, Ben-Ghiat simply called him a white nationalist several times in the article without providing any real proof of it. She also cited, as if it hold any credibility anymore, the alt-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which has created an entire industry, and owns a multi-million corporate headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama to show for it, of trying to brand mainstream conservatives as racists, alt-right, and white nationalists. Basically, they make millions doing what Ben-Ghiat does for far less writing for CNN Opinion.

Anyone who doesn’t toe the politically correct view of the alt-left is not only just a racist, but a white nationalist. Everyone put in the “basket of deplorables” by Hillary Clinton is included. That probably includes you too. The alt-left never has to prove any of these allegations, just merely stating them is enough. This needs to be understood, and in the coming weeks and months when we repeatedly hear the empty and unproven claims of racism and white nationalism in the Trump administration, we’ll know the alt-left, and it’s allies in the liberal media, are up to their old tricks. And you should know it too.