Donald Trump loses it after losing in Wisconsin

Donald Trump falls behind in the polls due to distractions from years ago

So this is what the presidential campaign of 2016 comes down to, an 11-year-old video of Donald Trump making some crude and crass comments about women, that he calls “locker room talk” and has apologized for it? Much like George Allen’s stupid “macaca” gaffe in the 2006 Virginia Senate race, the media and the Democrats will turn an entire campaign’s focus on one stupid moment by the GOP nominee because they are so deathly afraid of having a campaign based on issues. Democrats are unlikely to win when campaigns are decided by real issues, most of which they find themselves on the losing side. And if the locker room talk video is not enough, they probably have something else to release that Trump said at some other point to manufacture more outrage with.

David Horowitz has reminded us repeatedly in his writings, that politics is war by other means. Democrats seems to take this far more seriously than Republican activists, and they play much better hardball than Republicans do. Democrats, and their willing accomplices in the liberal media, always make much better use of any baggage or scandals the GOP carries than does the other side with Democrat baggage. Look at all the baggage that Hillary carries, from the 1990s Clinton scandals to email-gate to Benghazi and so much more in between, and yet for the last week the campaign’s focus is on an 11-year-old video of Trump engaging in so-called locker room talk. But the real question is, where are the voters and why are so many voters, according to the polls, allowing their assessment of the choice in this election to be swayed so heavily by this distraction?

And that is really what this is, a distraction. Nasty comments made by the candidate 11 years ago, that he has sincerely apologized for. But why should this possibly decide the election? Are voters that easily swayed, to elect Hillary as president, despite all the very legitimate questions about her fitness for the presidency, because Donald Trump made some stupid comments 11 years ago?

Campaigns are always going to be fought over negative issues, and baggage in the candidate’s backgrounds, and hardball political operatives on both sides will always be looking for dirt to discredit the other party’s nominee in the general election. But voters should decide the outcome of the election, right? And shouldn’t voters decide who wins by the real issues of the campaign, and not these distractions? So why it is then, that so many voters seem to be willing to decide this election based on that 11-year-old video?

This election is about real issues, after all, regardless of whether those issues decide the outcome of the election. If Hillary wins the election via the benefit of almost nothing but the destruction of Trump from his past baggage, she will have no mandate on any issues. Hillary will have been elected because voters didn’t think she was quite as odious as Donald Trump. But in the meantime, there are Supreme Court seats to be filled in the next president’s term, U.S. Attorneys and judges to be appointed, and the next attorney general. There are public policies on the economy, taxes, foreign policy, etc. as well. Hillary and her left-of-center views may not have majority approval from the American voters, but they will prevail if she wins the presidency. If voters decide Trump’s comments 11 years ago are so outrageous, Hillary’s views will largely determine the policy directions of the federal government for the next four-to-eight years under a Clinton presidency.

We as the voters should be far more concerned with who will appoint the replacement for Justice Scalia, and who will be the next attorney general, than what Trump said 11 years ago. There is so much at stake in this presidential election. There is far too much at stake to let it because decided by distractions. Are we the voters going to fall for this bill of goods the Clinton campaign and the media are trying to sell us? Or are we going to remember there are real issues involved and vote accordingly? Only the results on Election Day will answer that question. We have a choice. We can vote for the candidate, although imperfect, who is better suited to make those decisions and bring prosperity back to our economy. Or we can vote the candidate who is better at mud-slinging the opposition. The future of the country depends on us making the right choice.