Phil Roe Supports Bill That Enables Medicare Fraud

Phil Roe Supports Bill That Enables Medicare Fraud

Phil Roe (R-TN) represents the first congressional district in the state. He ran for Congress in 2008 on a platform of change. However, he has changed nothing about politics. Upon his entry in the race in 2008, Phil Roe harshly criticized then Representative David Davis, whom he was challenging in the congressional republican primary, for accepting donations from oil companies to his campaign. Unfortunately for Phil Roe, the facts just don’t add up. There are many factors that play a significant role in fluctuation of gasoline prices.

The first is the cost of crude oil, which makes up over two thirds of the price of gasoline, as well as the fluctuation of demand. The prices go up in the summer and down in the winter, simply because more Americans are traveling on vacations and family outings. Hurricanes, geography, and taxes can play a huge role, says CSMonitor. Phil Roe criticizing David Davis wasn’t just factually incorrect, it was blatently dishonest. If someone like me can do a simple search and discover the truth, so could someone running for Congress.

Another contributing factor in the prices of gasoline can include the changing blends of gasoline. During the summer, the ethanol blend is changed to a more expensive blend that allegedly reduces smog. This is another reason why we need to get ethonol out of our gasoline. It’s simply costing us too much money to justify, but by no means is that David Davis’ fault. There is a long list of both Democratic and Republican lawmakers who are bought and paid for by the ethanol industry.

That’s not the worst part, however. In 2008 when gas prices were on the rise, Democrats used the same talking points against the Republicans. Many Democrats, including those who were in leadership, accused Republicans of being in the pocket of big oil, with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi stating that a major contributor to the oil price hike was due to the two “oil men” in the White House, and Phil Roe went along with this bogus argument, using it to his political advantage as he decried Davis’ supposed corruption.

But hold on, what about Phil Roe’s own corruption? In 2014, Phil Roe was given $7,750 from Mountain State Health Alliance, a corporation that owners several hospitals in Eastern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia, and then decided he would efforts rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare when he co-sponsored a bill that gutted the Recovery Audit Contract (RAC), a program that audited Medicare to route out frivilous spending and potential hospital overcharges. This is nothing short of typical Washington D.C. hypocrisy that we see all too often in our politicians. It’s no wonder our leaders have a record-low confidence level with people like Roe running the show.

We, as voters have a remedy. We must end Phil Roe’s political career now. He’s an ineffective, corrupt liar who has no place in public office. Those who hold office must learn to respect the people they claim to represent, and if they don’t, they prove their unworthiness for service.