Rep. Phil RoeCongressman Phil Roe was elected to congress in 2008 on a platform of change and economic populism. Not only has he not lived up to expectations, he has failed on every basic level when it comes to helping ordinary Americans. He voted for the Trans-pacific partnership. It is such an awful proposal that Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, refused to support the legislation. She stated that we already have trade agreements with over 30 of the countries involved, and went on to say that the bill was written for the special interests who formed the committees who helped shape the legislation. The Global Development and Environment Institute did a study that found the legislation would cause the United States to lose 448,000 jobs. Phil Roe supported this legislation in spite of this finding. He voted to kill jobs and hurt our workers. In doing this, he voted against America’s best interests.

He also voted for $940 billion dollars in spending on a farm bill that would have established new farm subsidies and programs. The legislation would have granted funds to farmers who failed to sell all their product. The government would buy up all the excess product and artificially raise the prices of milk. Families continue to struggle, but Phil Roe, being as out of touch as he is still doesn’t see the wisdom in not subsidizing an industry that should be more than market viable. We use milk every single day in a variety of goods, and many of us cannot afford these price increases because they are crippling.

Phil Roe also voted to raise the debt limit, which caused the debt to skyrocket another $2.4 trillion dollars, and also voted against an amendment that required the government to reduce spending by just over seven percent down to 2008 spending levels. In the past, Roe has also supported continuing resolutions that do not balance, and are not a budget. He voted for the Ryan-Murray budget deal, which blew the deficit even more. Phil Roe never met a big-government spending bill he didn’t love.

In typical Roe fashion, he also voted for legislation that funded the government fully without repealing Obamacare. Known as “Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act,” it didn’t restore americans’ freedom, because it still funded the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. Congressman Roe’s cadillac healthcare plan isn’t impacted Obamacare, so maybe that’s why he’s chosen to give lip service to the voters in his district, and not deliver actual results when the rubber meets the road. Voters are having their premiums increase by large amounts, and the ones who qualify for the subsidies are still on the hook for deductibles that can reach or exceed $5,000. If voters in the district can’t afford the premiums, how can they afford the deductibles? Roe defies common sense again.

It’s time we retire Phil Roe. He may have had good intentions at the time of his original congressional run, but he has clearly sided with the special interests on a whole host of issues. From his support of Obamatrade, which will ultimately kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, his support of the bloated farm bill that benefits the wealthy millionaire farmers while leaving the hard working farmers out in the cold, and finally his disastrous vote to fully fund Obamacare which continues to undermine families well-being to this very day, he’s been nothing more than a big government Republican looking to enrich those who have power in Washington DC. He’s Paul Ryan’s congressman, not ours.