mccainJohn McCain is considered by many to be a maverick in Washington, DC. What you may not know about Senator McCain is that he is also a maverick on ethics. What most of us would consider largely unethical and suspicious is John McCain’s way of life. He’s fought political battles against campaign finance reform that has since been overturned by the Supreme Court, and it appears he’s taking advantage of that fact.

John McCain founded a group in 2008 called the McCain Institute for International Leadership. While John McCain isn’t directly tied to the organization, the Senator has done fundraisers for the institute in the past, and in March it was reported in Bloomberg News that the McCain Institute for International Leadership has received $1 million dollars in a donation from Saudi Arabia. Federal Election Commission rules prohibit McCain from accepting money from foreign donors, but apparently the law does not apply to foundations not directly connected to the politicians. Bloomberg also reported that the organization was started by an initial donation of $8.6 million dollars in left over campaign finances from John McCain’s disastrous failed 2008 campaign for president.

Another instance of John McCain’s corruption lies in his ties to Elon Musk, a billionaire who donated to the McCain Institute, according to Patriot Update. John McCain is currently being investigated by the Inspector General at the defense department, facing allegations he put his thumb on the scale in favor of Elon Musk and his company SpaceX over another competitor, United Launch Alliance (ULA) when the two companies were bidding head to head for government contracts. John McCain fought to outlaw the specific kind of rockets used by ULA that had been made in Russia. The Senator got this legislation passed in Musk’s favor simply by arguing we shouldn’t be supporting Russia, much to Elon Musk’s convenience, of course doing this after Musk’s donations were made to the McCain Institute.

These scandals are just the newer scandals, there’s plenty of old ones to review. One that comes to mind of course is the Keating Five scandal, where John McCain came under investigation in the 1980’s for allegedly conspiring with Charles Keating, the man who ran Lincoln Savings and Loan. Keating met with four Senators: Dennis DeConcini, Alan Cranstan, John Glenn, and John McCain. Keating’s business was under investigation with regard to his banking activities, and keating reportedly feared that the government would seize his Savings and Loan company, according to Slate. Senator McCain attended regulatory meetings, effectively representing Keating in front of a bank regulatory board in San Francisco. Ultimately, due to Keating’s illegal activities, the government bailed out Lincoln Savings and Loan to the tune of $2.6 billion dollars, and shareholders lost millions of dollars in the process as well. Keating was convicted of 77 counts of Wire and bankruptcy fraud, before the sentence was overturned.

Its time we retired John McCain. Whether it’s his corruption affiliated with his Leadership Institute, his political prostitution on behalf of Elon Musk, or the Keating Five scandal, he has shown to be nothing but a corrupt and out of touch elitist. Right now Arizonans have the opportunity to elect a constitution-loving American to the United States Senate in Kelli Ward. She won’t be anyone’s toy, nor will she create a foundation and use it for abusive and corrupt practices. She won’t stand up for a conman who made risky bets and lost investors millions of dollars and cost taxpayers $2.6 billion dollars in a bailout. John McCain is a war hero, but his conduct in the United States Senate warrants something that has been a long time coming. It warrants a reaction from the people who are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, and it warrants John McCain’s dishonorable discharge from the United States Senate. It’s time for change.