110920_phil_roe_ap_328Congressman Phil Roe, who represents Tennessee’s 1st congressional district, one of the most conservative districts in the country, has been consistently voting wrong on economic issues and voting conservative on social issues as a means to convince you and I that he is one of us. Phil Roe is not a conservative, he is is a charlatan.

Congressman Phil Roe voted to raise the debt ceiling, even though our Congress has been negligent in passing a budget for the past seven years. While keeping our country financially solvent isn’t a major priority for Roe, ensuring that we preserve the confederate flag is. Recently, Roe voted against banning the confederate flag at all Department of Veterans Affairs cemeteries in the United States, saying in part:

The VA’s current policy, which allows the Confederate flag to be displayed on Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day, is appropriate for many families whose ancestors fought and died under the flag. I hope this amendment will be removed before the final version of this bill is considered.”

Someone forgot to give our congressman his history lesson: While much of Tennessee was pro-confederacy, the state was the last state to join the confederacy due to a large percentage of people who favored the Union. East Tennessee, the area he represents was against the confederacy and against slavery. The congressman also neglected to mention is his remarks that the policy would have absolutely zero impact on former confederate soldiers families living today, as there is no soldiers currently interred in the Tennessee National Cemetery. The director of the Mountain Home National Cemetery said in a piece written by the Johnson City Press:

We have no Confederate flags flying on any flagpoles, and we do not have any confederates interred here,” Walker said. “We also have no Confederate headstones. Remember, we opened in 1903, and the confederates around here are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.”


Here, Phil Roe gets embarrassed by the media for voting for a bill that has zero benefit on any of his constituents, he casts votes like this to distract voters from decisions on economics and foreign policy like the Syrian Train and Equip Fund. He’s voted for big government spending bills, such as HB 2685, in 2015 funded the military, which according to votesmart.org gave $600 million dollars to the Syria Train and Equip Fund and also appropriated $715 million dollars to the Iraq Train and Equip Fund. In the case of the Syrian effort, the program was a massive failure. Syrian rebels who were trained reportedly wanted to go back home, felt there weren’t enough members being trained in Jordan and Turkey where they were stationed for training before being transferred back to Syria. Another large reason the plan failed was because many Syrian fighters were focused primarily on fighting the Syrian dictator, Assad. There were also concerns about the possibility that some of these fighters could surrender their weaponry to ISIS in the face of death, and in so doing have the American people supply the Islamic State with weaponry.


Phil Roe’s bad judgment shines through as he continues to vote for un-conservative legislation that undermines our national security. Phil Roe seems to have even bigger fish to fry than our national security, as he seeks to rename the Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic in Sevierville, Tennessee the Dannie A. Carr Veterans Outpatient Clinic. While Dannie A. Carr fought bravely for his country in the Vietnam war, I find Phil Roe using him to hide from his political misdeeds patently offensive. Phil Roe can’t get our spending under control, nor stop our government from arming ISIS, so he spends his time scoring political points. He doesn’t care about Dannie Carr, he’s just using his blood for political gain here at home.


Its time to retire Phil Roe. He’s been not only ineffective but he has cast votes that have got us involved in foreign conflicts that we should not be involved in, and in the process taken advantage of soldiers blood for political gain. He hasn’t done anything to effectively move us toward a balanced budget, nor taking steps to protect us from ISIS. We can all hope a new congressman or congresswoman will be able to offer substantive solutions going forward. Government in Washington D.C. is broken, and if we don’t change who we send to Washington, we can’t expect anything to change.