Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Not because of him being an outsider candidate nor due to Hillary’s high unfavorable numbers. The reason he will win is simple: vision. Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Hillary for America” is probably one of the most empty and uninspiring campaign slogans in recent memory. Thump’s campaign exemplifies optimism while hers exemplifies selfish ambition. This plays directly into voter perception of her, which is that she’s a selfish woman willing to do or say anything to get elected. America does not want Hillary.

Maybe Hillary realizes the whole “Hillary for America” thing won’t work. That’s why she’s come up with a new slogan. Make America whole again — ugh. That message is also a dud with voters, because it’s a spin on Make America Great Again. If we’re not whole, then we’re not great. Hillary misses this point entirely when she speaks about that potential slogan. Hillary Clinton lacks the core political aptitude that her husband does, because I guarentee you, he would’ve never used this slogan that plays right into Donald Trump’s hands.

If Hillary hopes to win, she will have to coordinate a message that is more than just anti-Trump. Voters want an inspiring message they can gravitate to. They crave it at the core of their being, and that’s why Barack Obama did so well in the 2008 Democratic primary. Hillary, back then also spun off of Obama’s slogan which was “Change We Can Believe in” and coined her version, in original form, “Change We Can Count On.” Not at all inspirational, and the slogan had the aroma of Astroturf. Change We Can Count On was viewed as desperate and a counterfeit, and that is exactly what Mrs. Clinton’s entire candidacy is, a counterfeit. She won’t improve the economy, she won’t renegotiate NAFTA, and she sure won’t keep us safe from the Islamic State, who seek to destroy us because we as a nation fundamentally believe in freedom.

Hillary Clinton won’t bring back jobs from China and she won’t stop the currency manipulation that has killed many jobs throughout the rustbelt. She, like her husband, favors “Free Trade” and not fair trade, which translates into You get SCREWED! She, like the Islamic State, believes in forcing government down your throat. She wants to choose your healthcare plan, and she wants to take away your right to homeschool your children in the environment that you see fit. She wants to put us over our heads in debts and deficits beyond what can be repayed.

Beyond that, everything else is on the table in regard to the Clintons’ past. I expect in the coming weeks for Monica Lewinsky Jennifer Flowers, and every other woman both the Clinton’s abused in the 1980s and the 1990s. Donald Trump will use this to his benefit, and unlike many Republicans before him, he won’t be stupid in how he does it. Every time you see a Clinton ad or press conference decrying Donald Trump’s supposed sexism, you’re going to see a counter press conference, a counter press release, a counter ad going on offense talking about the Clinton’s attacks on women. This isn’t just about Bill Clinton, it’s also about Hillary and how she not only “stood by her man baking cookies,” but how she also muffled those women in attacks and vicious intimidation tactics. Hillary has lost any and all credibility on women. She can’t claim to be their savior just because she is one.

There are many women who are highly qualified to be president. And no, Mrs. Clinton, I’m not talking about your lack of political experience. I’m talking about what you’ve actually done when you served time in office. Nothing substantive done as First Lady, when you unsuccessfully tried to shove “HillaryCare” down our throats and force many Americans to buy a service they didn’t want and didn’t choose. Your plan was much more intrusive than the Obamacare plan, which is quite remarkable. Your plan would’ve defined valid personal choices as “healthcare fraud” and punished those who went outside their government proscribed plan. That, my dear, is pure communism. We may or may not have moved slightly to the left as a country, but by no means are we communist. We love our freedom. We’re patriots. We want a government that listens to us, not a government that demands we obey their every thuggish order.

With her disastrous campaign message, her lack of ability to inspire, her lust for power, and her desire for control over every aspect of our lives as well as her lack of ability to cause economic growth by reducing taxes and regulation, she has shown her ineptitude to win elections in the past, and I don’t foresee this changing.