THIS IS A RE-POST OF AN ARTICLE ON FREEDOMIST.COM Bill Collier- Senator Ted Cruz is a true blue conservative and has done a lot to push the conservative agenda. His platform and policy pursuits are, in my estimation, stellar. I want a Cruz win for the nomination and the White House.

I have been repeatedly saying that Senator Cruz needs to sell his main asset, his prosperity plans, and stay focused on selling himself as the champion of popular prosperity!

I believe that if Senator Cruz, whose platform closely aligns with a prosperity agenda, would get to a prosperity message, and truly inspire people, he can still win the nomination, though it is a tough mountain to climb.

If Senator Cruz can increase his overall poll numbers to 50% or more, pull off some big wins in the final days of the race, and forge alliances with the also-rans who have delegates they can swing his way, he has a chance.

There is a slim and narrowing chance for victory, that’s why I hope he gets this message and takes it as constructive criticism from “family” as opposed to an attack by opponents.

In short, Cruz wants to be President and I want the same thing and for the same reasons: to make America prosper again!

A candidate rising in popularity with broadening support and fresh victories could win a contested convention and overcome the initial angst. This is especially true if his opponent is losing ground and people who voted for him have real buyer’s remorse. The key thing is narrative and messaging! And that has been Senator Cruz’s chief and, potentially fatal, weakness in this primary race.

Senator Cruz’s decision to announce his intention, should he win the nomination, to run with Carly Fiorina as his VP choice, has caused no small amount of head scratching among friend and foe alike.

Here then are the main reasons why, in my estimation, this move does not necessarily advance Ted Cruz and does not inspire some of his supporters, such as myself:

1. It can be argued that it undermines Cruz’s chief argument that Trump is not a proven true blue conservative. In the eyes of many conservatives, including myself, Fiorina is not a proven true-blue conservative!

My own support of Cruz has been based mostly on his bona fides as a rock-solid conservative. His actual platform and prosperity policies are still, I think, the best. But choosing Fiorina, who he is saying (by this choice) is qualified to be President, can be seen by some to disprove his argument that we should choose only a rock-solid proven conservative!

I have already seen this emerge among opponents who use it to neutralize arguments that Mr. Trump is not a proven conservative. This is a far cry from talking about prosperity and Ted Cruz as the champion of popular prosperity.

2. The move looks bad and feels like pandering. I have heard these words from a number of Cruz supporters.

Choosing ANY VP hopeful after losing 5 states, being way beyond securing the nomination, or even at this point in the race, is not the thing to do. It could indicate a candidate has the wrong focus. For instance, Cruz says he vetted her carefully. This takes personal time and energy and that time and energy would be better spent on the campaign honing a prosperity message.

But the idea that he is only choosing her to get the woman’s vote is a further digression from the real theme of his campaign: which is freedom and prosperity. (I think prosperity covers freedom and has a better appeal.) Bringing up old grievances and playing the “sexist” card, not a typical conservative thing to do, doesn’t in one way prove you are the champion of freedom and prosperity. What is more, should Mr Trump become the nominee, a now likely outcome, you have provided grist for the liberal mill to be used to hurt our nominee and our party!

3. It is a pure distraction!

I have argued, on, that Cruz has utterly failed to sell his best asset, that he is the best prosperity champion! I voted for Cruz and wish somehow he could win, though in my opinion as a marketing and PR professional, I doubt he can even prevent Trump from getting to 1237 delegates now. By not going back to basics and pushing his main selling point, Cruz has, I believe, sacrificed potential support and ceded the prosperity debate to Trump, who is selling it to get votes.

Cruz could have made a press announcement that he was pushing to have the gold standard added to the GOP platform or to audit the fed or some major prosperity initiative. He could have done a speech on that subject, and compared his plan to Hillary and/or Trump’s plans and made his case for the party to rally to his prosperity banner.

We have been talking about delegate legerdemain and now Cruz’s VP choice, none of which move his narrative and messaging about prosperity into public consciousness where it is certain to turn into popular support.

This is not necessarily to say I am criticizing the delegate legerdemain itself, nor that the VP pick is somehow going to doom the campaign.

The focus of my criticism is that we are not talking about the right thing- make America prosper again. If we were, we would be winning on all counts right now and if we do we might be able to win even now.

I am imagining a Cruz speech in which he lays out why he is the prosperity champion, why Hillary isn’t, and why he is the party’s best choice to defeat her prosperity killing agenda. He can then explain why he needs the people, the voters, to support him, and why if people have already voted against him they should support him now. I am imagining a petition saying “make America prosper again, select Ted Cruz as our nominee” signed by hundreds of thousands of voters.

In the end the only way Cruz will be able to legitimately win a contested convention is to be at over 50% of the popularity of GOP polls, showing he has won back people who already voted for other candidates. The only way to get there AND to start having some upsets is to inspire people with your narrative and promise, not by selecting someone as a potential VP running mate, someone whose own conservative bona fides are at least as uncertain as Cruz says are Trump’s.

Regardless, if Cruz and his new chosen running mate want to pull some upsets and grow his popularity, they need to hammer away at a simple prosperity appeal and Cruz needs to claim the mantle of the champion of OUR prosperity! He has the plans to make us prosper again, which is better than being great, if only he would sell those plans. (Being “great” is nebulous, but prospering is REAL, and will make us great!)

Of course changing the campaign focus and messaging this late is tough. Of course some might argue it is too late. But if Senator Cruz is still campaigning, regardless of what has already happened, I suggest he do it in a way that might at least truly give him a shot: win popular support for a popular prosperity PROMISE that his plans and policies can certainly deliver.

Senator Cruz, let’s stop the distractions and let’s work to MAKE AMERICA PROSPER AGAIN!