The choice of Carly Fiorina invalidates most reasons for supporting Ted Cruz

The choice of Carly Fiorina invalidates most reasons for supporting Ted Cruz

After the announcement today of Carly Fiorina, by Ted Cruz, as his running mate, I no longer can support this candidacy and the candidate advancing any further in this year’s 2016 presidential contest for the GOP nomination for president. This is a move that, in my mind, almost completely invalidates all the reasons for supporting Cruz in this race. And remember, I declared my support not long ago to #NeverHillary and I still stick to that. I will never support anything, anyone, or otherwise that helps Hillary Clinton become president.

For several months I have supported Ted Cruz for president, advised everyone who would listen to vote for him in the primaries, and then I voted for him in the primary myself on March 1. I made the case so many times for nominating yet another first term senator for president, who although not perfect, had many qualities that made him the best choice for the nomination this year among the candidates who were running. I made the case many times how much he’s a solid conservative Republican who would do what needs to be done as president, and appoint great choices for Supreme Court justices, and federal judges, all the positions in the cabinet and all the other appointments that presidents make. I believed that he, as much as anyone else, understands that personnel is policy, and the people a president appoints are every much as important as the policies the administration will advocate and advance.

The first key personnel choice, that is usually made by nominees who are assured of winning the nomination as opposed to a candidate who has not yet won that nomination, is the choice of a running mate to be the candidate for vice president, the second highest office in the land. The key qualification for a candidate for vice president, since they can become president, is being qualified to be president. This choice also is the candidate’s first chance to prove that they have solid and sound judgment, and that they understand that personnel is policy. So what do we get from Ted Cruz’s first appointment, as someone who would be president, for the second spot? We get someone who most Republican voters have rejected, this year, for president, namely Carly Fiorina. Almost no one deemed her to be qualified for president, therefore, why would anyone suggest she is qualified to run for vice president? Why did Ted Cruz come to this judgment and select her to be his running mate?

I will not mince words. This running mate choice by Ted Cruz today is an abominably terrible choice. It is the wrong candidate for vice president, announced at the most wrong time, and done for all the wrong reasons. This choice, and its timing, strikes out on all counts. This has been described as a desperate “hail Mary” by pundits. They’re right, it’s a hail Mary that was intercepted in the end zone and returned for a touchdown by the opposing team. Use all the sports cliches you want, but this very terrible call by Ted Cruz is game, set, and match for Donald Trump, who will win the GOP nomination this year. I cannot support this nomination in any way. I am not leaving the Cruz campaign, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan referring to his departure from the Democrat Party, the Cruz campaign has left me, and millions of others, behind with this completely un-smart decision to announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate today.

What was the major reason for supporting Ted Cruz and opposing Donald Trump for the nomination? Consistent, courageous, constitutional, conservative reigniting the promise of America? Remember that? Was it for real or just talk? And we were told how un-conservative Donald Trump is. A candidate promising a consistent, courageous, constitutional, and conservative administration should know that personnel is policy, and creating and building such an administration would start, when the choice is announced at the right time, with an announcement of a candidate for the nomination for vice president who fits that description. Congressman Dave Brat would be perfect. But I know not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and someone like South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley or New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez would have been an excellent choice.

But also-ran presidential candidate, and abysmally failed former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, is the best that Ted Cruz can come up with? Really? First, Fiorina is not a conservative. Not even close, as President Obama said. Not. Even. Close. She wasn’t successful in the business world, she was a disaster as CEO of HP and then got fired by the board. She was an epic failure as Republican nominee for California Senator against Sen. Barbara Boxer. She failed badly as a presidential candidate this year, coming in something like seventh place in a field of 16 candidates. How does the seventh place also-ran candidate some how bring energy and balance to a Ted Cruz presidential ticket? Is this for real? Is this a really bad April fools joke announced 26 days too late? Is this possibly the worst running mate choice ever made by someone who has chance (quickly fading after this announcement) of winning the nomination of one of the two major parties for president? Maybe George McGovern’s choice of Thomas Eagleton in 1972 was perhaps a more unwise choice.

If this is the best that Ted Cruz can come up with, in making his first major personnel decision, what kind of appointments will he make as president? How can I assume he knows what are good choices for justices, judges, and cabinet appointments if he actually thinks anointing Carly Fiorina for vice president is a good choice? This appointment is a joke. If you had told me four months ago that any candidate would have picked Carly Fiorina for vice president, I would have asked, are you predicting that is who Donald Trump’s choice will be? If you had told me that Ted Cruz would nominate Carly Fiorina for vice president, I would have asked you, what are you smoking? Now I’m asking what is Ted Cruz been smoking?

This choice destroys every main reason for supporting Ted Cruz for president. He has appointed someone who is clearly not qualified for the office, and someone who is clearly not a conservative and is clearly less conservative than any of the other candidates still in the race for the GOP nomination this year. Ted Cruz was the only remaining candidate not named Donald Trump who still had some outside chance of winning the GOP nomination for president. Now that clearly will not happen. Ted Cruz will lose many supporters with this move, and Donald Trump will easily win most of the remaining delegates on his way to exceeding the needed 1237 delegates and winning the nomination. I strongly hope that Trump will make a better nomination for vice president when the time comes, because clearly he will be the 2016 GOP nominee for president.

Defeating, and saving the country from, Hillary Clinton is the highest objective for November. I don’t want the sophistry about Donald Trump being just as liberal as Hillary Clinton, because it’s clearly not true, even if Trump may not be as conservative as many of us would prefer. But he is going to be a Republican nominee, and unifying behind his candidate in Cleveland will be necessary for defeating Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz has, with the announcement of this incredibly bad choice for a running mate, reached the same stage of the process that Bernie Sanders has reached in the Democrat nominating process. They should both withdraw, and for the sake of their respective parties unifying for November, support the presumptive nominee of their parties. Staying in the race beyond this point for either of them can on decrease the odds that their party’s nominee wins in November. For our side, the Republican Party nomination contest, that means it’s time for Kasich and Cruz to step out and support the nominee who has been chosen by the highest number of voters, and pledged delegates, in the nominating process.

There is no doubt that Trump will reach 1237 delegates, and legitimately win the GOP nomination by the party’s nominating rules. That being the case, it’s time to unite behind the nominee and beat Hillary Clinton in November. We have a nominee and it’s time for all Republicans to support the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, to beat Hillary in November.