I will never vote for Hillary Clinton

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton

There is one easy factor about casting my vote in the presidential election this year, and that is under no circumstances will I even think about voting for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s Secretary of State who was replaced with the stupidest man in American politics, John Kerry. Hillary Clinton is profoundly unqualified to be president, and if she was the only American left qualified to be president, we would be better off without a president.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters extol her experience as the strongest point in their case for making her president, because she has little other claim to the presidency. But what is her experience that would make her qualified to be president. Her experience is presiding over big government and personally being involved with some of the most corrupt things done under both the Clinton and Obama administrations. Her experience is one of abusing government power, for personal gain, over the interests of citizens.

Let’s start first in the days of the Bill Clinton presidency and what came to be known as the “Travel-gate” scandal. In May of 1993, right around the time that Hillary’s hand-picked Attorney General Janet Reno was overseeing the gas and fry of 76 citizens including many children at Waco, Texas, Hillary oversaw the firing of the seven non-partisan civil service employees at the White House Travel Office so friends of Bill and Hillary, who owned a travel agency, could get the business instead. The Clintons abused the courts, the FBI, and the IRS to ruin the lives of those seven employees to give the business to their cronies instead. The case went to court, and seven employees are exonerated of all charges, and the judge condemned the prosecutor for bringing charges against them. But it was too late, the Clintons had ruined them for the person gain of their friends.

The e-mail-gate scandal, where Hillary received and sent official government e-mails, including many that were classified and top-secret, on a poorly secured private server that was allegedly physically located in the public bathroom of a convenience store, shows how little regard Hillary had for the security of government communications and properly doing her job as Secretary of State. This behavior is likely criminal, and other public officials have gone to prison for doing far less. If Hillary can’t competently handle official and top-secret communications, she’s not qualified to be responsible for all that a president has to be responsible for. That is clear, e-mail-gate is quite serious and shows Hillary is not qualified to perform the most basic functions of a president.

The alleged corruption, influence-peddling, and pockets being stuffed with money in the Clinton Foundation might yet turn out to be the largest and most serious of the Clinton scandals that might come to light later on this year. If the allegations are to be believed or turn out to be substantiated, the Clinton Foundation has been a cesspool of corruption unlike any known before it. This could complete disqualify Hillary later this year from the presidential race.

While it remains unsettled who the Republican nominee for this Fall will be, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. There is no scenario nor any circumstances under which I will vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s not happening.