Have Americans Learned the Lesson of Eight Years of Obama?

Forget about #NeverTrump for this election cycle, the relevant hashtags are #NeverHillary and #NeverDemocrats. It can’t be any more clear to any voter with half a brain that we should not be elected Crooked Hillary as president, and after eight years of the...
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Electoral Map Reveals Serious Problems for Donald Trump

The Donald is going to have to spent a lot of time and resources in Florida and New Hampshire while holding on to many of the other close states where Hillary Clinton has a chance. It’s an uphill climb for Trump, but the electoral map looks much better for Clinton right now. But, we have nothing but time between now and November, and a lot can still change.

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Phil Roe uses Sleezy campaign tactics to win elections

We, as voters have a remedy. We must end Phil Roe’s political career now. He’s an ineffective, corrupt liar who has no place in public office. Those who hold office must learn to respect the people they claim to represent, and if they don’t, they prove their unworthiness for service.

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Phil Roe Votes Like a Big Government Liberal

It is no coincidence that Roe has a 60 percent liberty score, as compiled by Conservative Review, based on his voting record in Congress. He consistently votes for the big government agenda with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Paul Ryan. Phil Roe is a big government Republican through and through that votes in favor of big government spending, on behalf of the special interests and his lobbyist friends on K Street just about every time.

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Roe Votes Against The Interests of Constituents

Congressman Phil Roe was elected to congress in 2008 on a platform of change and economic populism. Not only has he not lived up to expectations, he has failed on every basic level when it comes to helping ordinary Americans. He voted for the Trans-pacific...
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